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After years of designing websites and studying & experimenting with online marketing, I believe more than ever that even in your marketing, there is no “wrong” way to do it. It is up to YOU, to what feels right to you and connects with your tribe. The only “right” way is YOUR way.

And heck, it might seem messy – to yourself, or to others – but the mess is worth it to find your unique voice, your unique style, your unique way. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be a pure transmission of you. In fact, often the mess, the vulnerability, is what makes you truly authentic and real.

So if you’re looking for a formula or template or blueprint or someone to show you the “right” way to do your marketing, I am NOT your gal!

If, however, you are a fellow truth-seeker who is looking for a way to connect with your tribe online, in a way that feels good to you AND serves your people, then I just might be the Web Goddess to help you discover the perfect website and marketing style for you.

I am an artist and an entrepreneur, an intuitive and a web developer, and I love to bring all of the various skills, experience and knowledge from my toolbox together to help you build the website of your dreams that helps you to connect with your tribe, wherever they are around the world.

The Web Goddess Retirement Party!

I have decided to retire as the Web Goddess For Hire! This decision has been a long time coming. I’ve even tried to retire a time or two before but ended up coming back to it. There is much that I love about this career, and it is something I am good at and can do fairly easily. I really love the clients I get to work with and the work I get to help them put out into the world in a bigger way.

You might say it’s my Zone of Excellence. But it’s not my Zone of Genius. And I am hearing the call to step into my Zone of Genius!

Before I completely retire, however, I have committed to one more “season” as the Web Goddess. This is a way to work with my monkey-brain and the money fears that come up about starting something new. The work as a Web Goddess supports me financially while I create the next iteration of my business. And you get my support to birth your online project before I retire and these services are no longer available for hire.

(Yes, my Web Goddess skills and experience will continue to be PART of what I do, but it’s not going to look the same, ie. working with private clients and building websites for other people.)

Seems like a win-win-win to me, and I am excited to play for this final season and see what kind of projects I get to help birth into the online world! If you are ready to create your new website, launch a new online program, or create a new website banner, I can help.

Join me for the full season (August – April, nine months) to birth the website of your dreams, or hire me for an hour a month to update your blog and send your newsletter, or even just hire me one-time only to create that new banner for your website. No project is too small.

What is on your to-do list that you would looooove to delegate to your own Web Goddess? Chances are, I can probably help you with it! If you’ve got something in mind that you know you want help with, fill out the form below and tell me about it. I’ll let you know if it’s something I can do and give you all the deets for working with me; and if for some reason I can’t do it, I’ll give you my best advice on how to go about finding someone who can.

Meet My Happy Clients!

Want a peek at some of the work I’ve done for my clients? Click here to view my Portfolio and read testimonials about what it’s like to work with me, to get a taste of how I might be able to help you.

Want to learn more?

Let’s chat! I’d love to hear about your project and see how I can help you to make it happen. Fill out the form below to tell me a bit about your business and your website, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.