Your Power is Here, NOW!

Jesse Webb

Dearly Beloved, do you have any idea, any inkling, how loved you are? Do you have any idea how powerful a Creator you are?

You go through your day to day “life” pretending that you are powerless, that things happen to you, or even that you are a victim of circumstance or other people…

When all along, you are an infinite, powerful Creator who is orchestrating and attracting everything in your experience!

It is all you. It is all responding to the vibration that you are putting out. It is all a perfect match to what you are thinking, believing and feeling.

It is all a reflection, showing you what is going on inside you, what you are focused on.

And it is all “old news”!

A response to what you were focused on last week, yesterday, or even a moment ago. You have the power here and now to choose a new vibration, a different state of being.

It doesn’t matter what you did or thought in the past, you are here NOW and it is up to you what you will choose here, NOW!

You are never ruled by your past or boxed in by what you have chosen before. You always have the choice, the option, to do something completely different in this moment.

You do not have to wait for tomorrow, or for a week day, or for a certain time of day. Your point of power is right here, right now. And now. And NOW!

See that? You are always in your power! You cannot be truly powerless because your power is here NOW. The only way you can create the illusion of powerlessness is when you project yourself into the “past” or the “future”, thereby “leaving” your point of power. Or more accurately, focusing your attention away from your power.

Be here NOW! This is where it’s all at. All that you desire is here, now. Not out there in the future somewhere, but here. NOW.

Notice we are not saying to “DO” here and now. This is not about doing, it is about being. Being here now. Being you. Just breath. Just be. It all starts right here.

You truly cannot get this wrong! You could even choose to stay in fear, anxiety and stress, that choice is just as valid as any other.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark. That is the illusion of polarity that you created to explore the different aspects of you. It is all you and each choice is equally valid, equally valuable, equally “right” or “good”, in a sense.

So it’s not about what is “right”, it is about what you prefer!

It is as simple as that. What do you prefer to experience? What do you prefer to feel? What do you prefer to create?

Choose thoughts that match that and your reality will shift and reflect that back to you – guaranteed!

Do not lose heart, Dear One! You are doing beautifully, you are right where you need to be, right where you chose to be. All is well and it is time for you to bask in that wellness, to enjoy the perfection that is you. Here, NOW.

Your Turn

Does this resonate with you? Have you been creating the illusion of powerlessness for yourself in some way? If this message inspires you and reminds you of your own power, I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below.