Web Goddess Retirement Party!

Yes, it is true. I can hardly believe it myself. The Web Goddess is retiring!

I have seen this day coming. Even tried to retire a time or two, but kept coming back to this career as a Web Goddess. Now, it is time, and I am beginning the shift into a new online career.

I’ll be honest, it’s a bit scary to let this part of me go. My monkey-brain is freaking out a bit because it thinks this is the only way I know how to make money. I know this is NOT true, and I will prove that to this scared part of myself, but I realize this shift needs to happen gently, intentionally, and this scared part of myself needs to be loved and cared for along the way.

And so, I am committing to one more season as the Web Goddess. One more season of helping clients build their dream websites and connect with their tribe online. One more season to ease myself into something new and support this shift as I create a whole new online business. For the next nine months, I will continue to work as the Web Goddess, while I also build this new thing to share even more of myself and my gifts with my tribe.

What does this mean for you?

It means that this is the last chance to get my help with building your dream website. It is the last chance to have me on your team as your Web Goddess to share your message and call in your tribe online. This is it. These next nine months. If you are READY to birth your new website and grow your tribe, NOW is the time.

It also means a SALE and special pricing on ALL the services I provide as a Web Goddess!

This career has been good to me. I have been able to work with some amazing women, to help them get visible online and share their message in a bigger way. I have been able to support exciting projects that I know will make a difference in the world, and the clients I have worked with – and continue to work with to this day – feel like friends and family to me.

So as a THANK YOU for all that I have received and experienced during my career as a Web Goddess… AND as a way to soothe that freaked-out part of myself that thinks this is the ONLY way I know how to make money… I am offering some super discounted pricing during this Web Goddess Retirement Sale! Brand new clients can now work with me at the same rates that my long-term clients have been enjoying, and I am also offering an extended payment plan to make it even easier to fit into your budget.

I have limited space in my calendar and can only work with 3 or 4 new clients during this final season. So if you feel drawn to work with me and get my help with your website, don’t wait. Connect with me now and let’s get your project on the calendar.

Want to learn more and see if I’m the right fit for you and your project? Click here to learn more and apply for a complimentary “Marketing Magic Review” with me.

What does this mean for ongoing clients?

If you are already a client who has been working with me, then I want you to know that I am committed to continuing to support you even as I shift into this new career. After this next season is done, I will no longer be taking on NEW clients and projects, but I WILL be continuing to support those current/ongoing clients who still wish to have me on their team.

So no need to panic and wonder how in the world you are going to find someone else to support you – I am still here, and will continue to offer my support in whatever ways are most helpful for you!

A new Season with the Web Goddess

It feels EXCITING to be entering this new and final season as the Web Goddess! I can’t wait to see who I end up working with, and what kinds of projects and missions I get to support over the next nine months. What wants to be birthed? Who needs my support? What kind of online adventures will we co-create?

Nine months feels significant. Birthing a new website, or a new online career, takes time and intention. This is the time period I have been guided to commit to and I feel like there will be many things “birthed” during this season. Not only my own new career, but perhaps YOUR new dream website as well…

I am also committing to my own online presence during this next season. Committing to more visibility, more vulnerable sharing. I’m not entirely sure what my new online career will look like, and I will be exploring and sharing what I learn along the way. Giving you a peek inside my process and bringing you along for the ride.

It’s going to be an adventure of epic proportions and I am excited to see what unfolds!

So, if you want to explore getting my support to build your new website or get your new project online, click here to learn more and book a complimentary “Marketing Magic Review” with me now.

And if you just want to follow along and see what I’m up to over the next nine months, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or stay tuned here in this space.