Soul Tribe Magic (PRINT)

$33.00 CAD

Your passion is the key to connecting with your tribe!

There is much beauty and abundance within you that is ready to blossom, to open and burst forth, to bless not just you but your tribe as well. Cultivate your passion. Prioritize your excitement. Nurture your joy. Honor your creativity. It is at the very center of all that you do and be!

Print is 11″ x 8.5″, signed by Jesse.
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About this Painting

This is “Soul Tribe Magic”, painted in July 2016. This painting was an assignment for the Body Mapping level in the Soul Art Certification program with Laura Hollick. The class was all about my people, identifying who I want to work with, what kind of Soul Art Journeys I want to guide and really tapping in to my people, my tribe.

This intuitive painting really blew me away with its insight and the message it had for me. It continues to speak to me about how to connect with my tribe, and it’s a message that wants to be heard by more than just myself. So enjoy this painting and what she has to share with you about connecting with your tribe!

Every intuitive painting starts with an Intention, and the Intention I created for this piece is:

I easily and joyfully connect with my tribe to co-create magic!

This painting has so much to share about how to connect with your tribe, here is just a snippet:

Passion is your key! Pay attention to the ease and joy that  is your path to connect with your tribe! And the magic flows out of  that. The passion is the spark that makes the magic “magical”.

Your tribe is ready and waiting for you. “Finding” them is not the  challenge, they are right there. As you express your passion, your  excitement, they will easily find you and connect with you. Your passion is the beacon that will make you visible and draw them to you.

It does not matter so much what you offer. There will be many different things that you offer, and this will change and evolve as you follow the flow of your passion, your excitement. Do not get set on  one thing, but follow the flow and allow it to change and morph as it  will.

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