Rising (PRINT)

$33.00 CAD

Rise up into the light, into the knowledge of your own true nature.

It is time to wake up! To remember who you are and to shake off the sleep illusion. You are never limited, in any way, and this is a time of rediscovering your true Power and the Abundance that is your very nature.

Print is 11″ x 8.5″, signed by Jesse.
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About this Painting

This is “Rising”, one of the very first paintings I did when I started painting in 2013. It was inspired by a talk and meditation by Bashar about rising up out of the darkness of forgetfulness into the light of remembering who I really am.

This painting practically painted herself. It flowed out of me so easily and effortlessly and was truly a delight to see how she turned out!

This painting feels like a representation of how I was feeling at the time, as I was discovering new things about myself and the nature of reality, truly remembering who I really am. It felt like rising out of the darkness into this beautiful light that IS ME.

Here’s a snippet of the message she has to share:

You are an intrepid explorer and Master of Limitation. You had the courage to dive DEEP into the illusion of darkness and limitation. So deep that you actually managed to forget who you really are and where you come from. So deep that you actually convinced yourself that you were just this physical body and this 3D reality was the only reality.

So deep that you could no longer see the light, and even convinced yourself it didn’t exist…

Of course, you know now that the light is there, for you have begun to rise up out of the darkness. You are remembering who you really are, and that physical “reality” is an illusion. You are rising up into the light of loving awareness.

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