Rainbow Child (PRINT)

$33.00 CAD

The journey to conceive my Rainbow Baby!

This painting is deeply person to me, as the artist, and represents my journey to conceive my own Rainbow baby after two miscarriages. It feels like a powerful symbol of my personal journey.

Print is 8.5″ x 11″, signed by Jesse.
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About this Painting

This is “Rainbow Child”, painted in September 2016. I began this painting as a cosmic playdate to connect with my Pleiedian family, and it quickly became clear it was actually a painting for my unborn child (who perhaps has some Pleiedian connection?). I was pregnant for the first time, and had been aware of the spirit of my child for a while at that point. I knew there was a beautiful soul waiting to come in through me, and this painting felt like a representation of that.

Shortly after painting this, I miscarried that first pregnancy. Two years later, I again got pregnant – and miscarried. Now, I am pregnant again, and it feels like this time is it. I didn’t know it at the time when I created this painting, but my baby was to be a “rainbow baby”, as reflected in the rainbow theme in the painting. I even now see the miscarriages reflected in the “break” in the flow of the blood.

This painting feels very powerful and meaningful to me, even more so now, almost three years after painting it, as I can look back and see my journey to conceive my “Rainbow Child” reflected in it.