Portal to Contact (PRINT)

$33.00 CAD

Contact is within you, only a thought away!

Open your heart and tune in to this frequency within you. Remember who you are, a multidimensional galactic being here on a mission, and activate your imagination to make contact with your cosmic family and friends.

Print is 11″ x 8.5″, signed by Jesse.
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About this Painting

This is “Portal to Contact”, painted in 2014. It was inspired by my connection to the Sassani & Yahyel civilizations, and incorporates the contact symbols for both of them. It feels like my own custom contact symbol for my cosmic family, particularly of those two civilizations, but can also be used by others who feel drawn to use this symbol.

When I painted this, I was connecting to my counterparts (incarnations) within those civilizations, and it felt like a symbol to represent our connection and work together, as well as something for me to focus on to tune in to them and their energy.

I feel this “Portal to Contact” symbol can be used by anyone who feels drawn to connect with it, as a portal to make contact with your own cosmic family, particularly within the Sassani and Yahyel civilizations. Meditating with this painting can help you to tune in to those connections.

It also represents physical contact, an image of a spacecraft as seen from below.