Love Your Mess Intuitive Art

$97.00 CAD

Remember who you really are
& find the beauty within your mess!
Intuitive artwork created for you and your intention, with a message and activation. Includes digital art + MP3 reading of its message for you!

FREE digital delivery.
Does NOT include physical artwork.

Do you struggle with loving yourself, and feel like you are a “mess” or not enough? Do you desire to begin loving your mess and accepting all the parts of you, even the parts you judge as not enough?

Or maybe you just really need a reminder of who you really are and how loved you are…

Whether you have a specific question or challenge you want guidance on, or just desire to receive a timely message from Spirit, this Love Your Mess Intuitive Art will bring you inspiration, guidance and a reminder of who you really are and how very loved you are. It will help you to see the beauty within your mess!

I love to channel art for you and your intention, it is amazing to see what comes through and to hear the feedback of how encouraging, inspiring and empowering the art and its message can be for those who receive it.

I would be honored to paint for you and your intention, to help you on your journey to loving ALL the parts of you, mess and all!

What You Get

You will receive a DIGITAL version of the artwork that is created, and I will send you a signed PRINT of it in the mail. You will also get a “reading” of what the painting has to share with you, the message and insights, and what I experienced as the artist creating it for you.

Please note: this offer does NOT include the original physical painting. I as the artist will retain the physical painting and all rights to reproduce or use that image in any way. You WILL receive a digital version + a signed print in the mail.

“Your channeled reading is a confirmation of my life purpose!”

You are an artist and divine conduit wrapped in a beautiful being. I am very grateful for my cosmic family to send their divine message and confirmation through you in such a beautiful and timely way.

Your channeled reading is a confirmation of my life purpose. Jesse, I am infinitely grateful.

I recommend Jesse’s divine work of art and life. If you want to have your unique divine message channeled and painted on canvas, go for it. Jesse is also a conduit for the channelled reading from the cosmic family. What a beautiful gift!

~ Jocelyne Yan Sun Yuen, Ontario, Canada

Imagine what YOUR Intuitive Art might be like… 😉


Want just a taste?

If you’re not sure you want to invest in intuitive art right now, and would like to start with a smaller taste, check out the Love Your Mess Intuitive Readings here.