Inner Alien (PRINT)

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Falling in love with the Alien in me

Learn to love the alien within yourself and you will begin to see that any “alien” out there is truly just a reflection of the multi-faceted infinite being that is you.

Print is 8.5″ x 11″, signed by Jesse.
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About this Painting

“Inner Alien” was painted in the fall of 2013, at the time of what I call my cosmic family reunion when I was remembering my galactic connections and beginning to consciously connect with my galactic family. It was a way to play with the fear that would come up for me as I was exploring the idea of connecting to beings one might consider “alien”.

This painting and her message gave me a way to work with that fear, to learn from it, to hear its message and remember to do that inner work of loving myself, all the parts and pieces, even if they feel “alien”.

This “Artist Statement” that I wrote for her sums it up nicely:

My Inner Alien shows her face and I feel frightened… repulsed… unnerved…

Then she grows on me, as I become more familiar with my own Alienness. Remembering that this is who I AM, becoming re-acquainted with those pieces of myself that I’d blocked off…  shunned… ignored… alienated…

Falling in love with the Alien in me, I realize that the Alien “out there” is no different, is just as much as part of me as these Alien pieces of myself.

And so the Alien is no longer alien, but Family… Friend… Self… LOVE. A beautiful reflection of me in all my glory shining from the eyes of All That Is.

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