Cosmic Family Reading

$55.00 CAD

Remember who you really are
& connect with your cosmic family!
An intuitive reading with a message and activation for you. Includes light language & song transmission, and uses the Galactic Heritage Cards by Lyssa Royal-Holt.

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Are you desiring a more conscious, tangible connection with your Higher Self, spirit guides, hybrid kids, counterparts or others in your cosmic family? Or maybe you have a question or something in your life that you need some guidance on from your cosmic team?

Or maybe you just really need a reminder of who you really are and how loved you are…

Whether you have a specific question or challenge you want guidance on, or just desire to receive a timely message from Spirit, this Galactic Heritage reading will bring you inspiration, guidance and a reminder of who you really are and how very loved you are. Your Guides LOVE to share messages with you to assist you with whatever you need in your life.

These Cosmic Family readings use the “Galactic Heritage Cards” by Lyssa Royal-Holt, and all readings are delivered in an MP3 audio that you can listen to over and over to really integrate the information you receive. Each reading comes with an image of the cards plus the channeled message / interpretation by me with anything I get for you as I’m doing the reading.

Readings often include light language or channeled song or toning, whatever comes through me in the moment for you.

If you have a specific question or topic you would like the reading to focus on, you can enter your question or topic after you checkout to let me know. If you don’t have anything specific, that’s okay too – the reading will give you whatever is important for you right now.

A Cosmic Family reading can be a powerful tool to reveal more of your own star lineage, connections and the lessons & themes you brought in from other lifetimes throughout the galaxy.

People who have had these Cosmic Family readings with me have found them very helpful and relevant for their lives here and now. Here’s what Kelly had to say about her reading:

“That Reading was Beyond Words!”

Thank you. That reading was….beyond words. My body feels different. My hands were moving into different shapes around my body. I know what you are transmitting to me through light language. I know it because I can feel the truth of it. At times I was toning and humming and vibrating with sound with you.

I envisioned the two of us holding hands with our arms encircling the planet. Tears, lots of tears. Truth and recognizing myself and you on so many other levels. All the cards resonated with me.

~ Kelly Cowan, Movement Instructor,


Want just a taste?

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