Cosmic Family Portrait

$97.00 CAD

Want a more tangible & visual connection with your Cosmic Family?
This channeled Cosmic Family Portrait will give you confirmation & clarity, and help you connect more deeply with your own star family! Includes digital art + MP3 reading of its message for you!

FREE digital delivery.
Does NOT include physical artwork.

Are you desiring a more conscious, tangible connection with your hybrid kids, counterparts or others in your cosmic family? Looking for confirmation and clarity around the connection and communication you are already experiencing?

Let me channel an intuitive portrait from your cosmic family to help you connect more consciously and hear what they have to share with you right now. They are eager to connect with you and I would be honored to serve as a bridge to help you make that connection.

This intuitive portrait is a great way to connect with your hybrid kids, counterparts or your other incarnations, and others in your off-world family. I LOVE to paint these messages from your loved ones to help you connect more deeply!

Please note, these portraits are not an accurate representation of how your cosmic family looks. My art style is more abstract and symbolic, and these intuitive portraits are not meant to be an exact representation of any being or beings.

These portraits are an intuitive representation of the energy of your cosmic family and the message they have to share with you, and are intended to deliver a transmission and activation to help you deepen your own contact experience.

If you want to connect with a particular being or group through this intuitive art, you can just let me know when you checkout and I will connect with that being or group through your Higher Self when I create your portrait.

And of course, you don’t have to have anything, or anyone, specific in mind at all to receive a timely, powerful message from your cosmic family. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What You Get

You will receive a DIGITAL version of the artwork that is created, and I will send you a signed PRINT of it in the mail. You will also get a “reading” of what the painting has to share with you, the message and insights, and what I experienced as the artist creating it for you.

Please note: this offer does NOT include the original physical painting. I as the artist will retain the physical painting and all rights to reproduce or use that image in any way. You WILL receive a digital version + a signed print in the mail.

“I really loved feeling the joy of connecting with my Cosmic Family in a tangible way!”

When I heard about what Jesse was offering I felt an intuitive pull towards making a more tangible connection with my Cosmic Family. I really loved feeling the joy of connecting with my Cosmic Family in a tangible way!

It brings me so much joy to have one of Jesse’s Cosmic Family Portraits. Each time I look at it I’m reminded of the love that is available to me. Seeing my Cosmic Family portrayed in a visual way gives me a tangible way to connect with them and call upon their love in my daily life.

What Jesse is offering is very unique and I feel it is wildly beneficial for people to understand that we are so much more than what we see. As we open ourselves to connect with our galactic heritage it actually makes us feel more at home. I would recommend a Cosmic Family Portrait by Jesse to anyone who is seeking to make a more tangible connection with their Galactic Heritage.

~ Laura Hollick, Soul Art Shaman,

Imagine what YOUR Cosmic Family Portrait might be like… ๐Ÿ˜‰


Note from the artist, Jesse Webb

Jesse Webb, cosmic artistWhen I first made conscious contact with my ET family in 2013, I found it very help and confirming to have drawings done by an intuitive artist to help me make the connection more tangible. She drew portraits of several of my hybrid kids and counterparts (future-selves), and it gave me a wonderful visual of who I was connecting to and provided clarity and confirmation for my contact experience.

This was such a powerful experience for me, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this kind of support FOR YOU now! If you are desiring a more tangible connection, and some confirmation and clarity as you build a relationship with your off-world family, then this Cosmic Family Portrait is for you. I can’t WAIT to connect to your star family and channel your cosmic portrait!


Want just a taste?

If you’re not sure you want to invest in a Cosmic Family Portrait right now, and would like to start with a smaller taste, check out the Cosmic Family Readings here.