Sponsor a Painting

$99.00 CAD $77.00 CAD

A channeled painting focused on your intention or question!
Visual artwork created for you and your intention, with a message and activation. Includes digital art + MP3 reading of its message for you!

FREE digital delivery.
Does NOT include physical artwork.

When you Sponsor a Painting, you get to choose the intention and focus for the painting, and get to be a part of the process of creating it. I will share behind-the-scenes photos and videos with you as I’m painting it, and when it’s finished I will channel a message just for you sharing what I receive from the painting about your intention or question.

You will also receive credit as the Sponsor of that piece of art on my website and in my marketing, including a link to your website if you wish.

You will receive a DIGITAL version of the artwork that is created, and I will send you a signed PRINT of it in the mail. You will also get a “reading” of what the painting has to share with you, the message and insights, and what I experienced as the artist creating it for your intention.

Please note: this offer does NOT include the original physical painting. I as the artist will retain the physical painting and all rights to reproduce or use that image in any way. You will receive a digital image of the painting, along with an MP3 containing the message and reading PLUS a signed print of the painting in the mail and credit on my website as the Sponsor.