My Love Affair with a Planet

Jesse feet in the mud

I have to admit, I am madly in love with this planet I call home. Gaia. Earth. She takes my breath away and connecting to her feels like a warm, intimate embrace. I love to be barefoot on the Earth, skin to skin with this mother of mine, flesh of my flesh. Feeling her heartbeat, her pulse, the life flowing within her and within all who call her home.

She feels good to me. She welcomes me. She loves me. She cares for me, provides what I need to nourish myself and to live in harmony with her.

I have a relationship with her, communicate with her, and recognize her as a conscious being just as I am. Her body may look different than mine, but the same consciousness within her is within me.

I am aware that she invited me to be here, asked me to come and bring my unique frequency to help birth the transformation that we are in the midst of. I agreed, knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. Knowing that my mission was to simply be me, and that by being me, and loving Gaia the way I do, and putting that out into the world as I went about my life here on her, I would make a difference.

I can easily forget this and get caught up in the illusion of craziness we see happening on this planet. It’s all too easy to forget the big picture and feel overwhelmed at my inability to “do” anything about what I see going on “out there”.

Jesse with hand on the Earth

And then I am reminded that I don’t have to change anything “out there”, my job is to be here now, to be me, and to love this planet and all who live on her. To send that love out through my thoughts, my actions, and most importantly to send it inward, knowing that I am One with it all and the love I give myself ripples out to All That Is.

Simply being me and following my highest excitement, my joy, is a gift to Mama Gaia. My presence as I walk upon her surface, immerse myself in her forests, breath in the nourishing scents of her air, my pure enjoyment of this existence here with her, shifts and uplifts the energy. It brings her nourishment and upliftment!

It is a beautiful, mutual exchange of loving energy, this love affair. The more I give to her, the more I receive from her, and the more I have to give!

I may not be able to change what every other person on the planet is doing, or single-handedly stop the destruction of Earth that I see around me, but I can follow my heart in each moment and offer the love and care that I am able. And that seemingly simple way of being creates ripples and waves that I can’t even imagine.

Guardian of Gaia by Jesse Webb
“Guardian of Gaia” by Jesse Webb. Get a print here.

This painting, “Guardian of Gaia”, is a visual representation of my relationship with this planet, Gaia. It is a symbol of my mission here on Earth, and reminds me that the love and care I offer to this planet matters. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it matters.

And she welcomes and receives my love and care so graciously, accepting me just as I am, and just as I am not. With just what I have to offer, and no judgment for what I have not.

So please don’t doubt for a minute that your love and care for this planet matters. That you don’t have to do something big and grand to make a difference, just you being you, loving the Earth as you walk upon her and loving yourself and those around you, uplifts the frequency of the Collective and helps to create Heaven here on Earth.

You matter. Your presence matters. Your love matters.

Your job, as a Guardian of Gaia, is to hold the frequency of love and peace, so that others may see your example and choose the same. Send love to Gaia now and feel her love coming back to you. Meditate with this painting and visualize your Higher Self sending waves of energy to Earth, to heal her and unite all beings on and within her in peace, love and harmony.

Gaia sends you her love, and her gratitude for the role you play and the work you do as a Guardian and Light Bearer.

excerpt from channeling with “Guardian of Gaia”, get the full channeling & other bonuses here.

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