Painting of the Week: Multidimensional Me

Multidimensional Me by Jesse Webb

This is “Multidimensional Me”, painted in the fall of 2014. She speaks to me of my own multidimensional nature, and all the parts that make up me. Light and dark. Existing in every dimension. So many aspects and versions yet all me.

The energy flow between these parts and aspects of me reminds me that all is connected, all is part of the whole. There is a flow, an exchange, of energy and information between the parts, connecting them all together, working together. Giving and receiving. Creating one harmonious integrated being.

Here is a snippet of the message she has to share:

You are a cosmic, multidimensional being. You are far more powerful than you realize and you exist in ALL dimensions, realms, times and spaces. You are All-That-Is!

You are never limited to this particular space and time, this particular Earth-human body. We know it may seem like you are limited, but this is only an illusion and it won’t take you long to begin to experience the truth of your multidimensional self.

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