{Behind the Painting} Messy Jesse & Galactic Tribe

Galactic Tribe by Jesse WebbIn May 2015, I experienced my first-ever Soul Art Journey with Laura Hollick for International Soul Art Day. It was an amazing experience, certainly a highlight on my art journey and an activation of a new level in my art.

That experience also inspired the name I chose for this website, “Messy Jesse”. I think of this as the name of my studio, whether that’s my online studio (website) or my physical location. “Messy Jesse Studio” is where I create and share my artwork in whatever way feels fun, playful and inspiring to me.

My creative process often feels messy, and one of the messages I received from the Soul Art Day experience was to embrace and redefine what messy is. To embrace it as part of my process, to redefine it as fun, natural and expected.

This painting recently came home to my new place with some things I had in storage, and it has been delightful to reconnect with it. I have it hanging up in my front room where I can see and enjoy it every day, and it is helping me connect more deeply with my own Galactic Tribe and roots. I feel them around me, and hear their messages whispered through this amazing piece of Soul Art.

So it feels timely to share this painting, may you receive whatever message it has for you today, whether it’s the same one I received or something else entirely. This painting holds an activation for those who are ready.

Photo Gallery: The Creation of “Galactic Tribe”

Here are some snapshots from the Soul Art Day experience. You can see the painting unfold throughout the day, and even a peek at my messy process.

Jesse creating “Galactic Tribe” at International Soul Art Day 2015. Photography by Kevin Thom.

Video: Messy Jesse & My Galactic Tribe

The day after Soul Art Day, I made a video to share a bit of what the experience was like for me, and some of the messages I had received from my Soul Art Journey.

If you want to refer to the painting as you’re watching the video, to see what I’m talking about or just to tune in to its vibe and any message it might have for you, you can click here to open an image of the painting in a new tab.

And now, the video (6:41) for more about my experience painting “Galactic Tribe” and the why behind the name of this website, “Messy Jesse”:

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