{Behind the Painting} Meet the Tree People

Tree People I, Mara by Jesse WebbThe Tree People painting series was inspired by “Tree Talk“, written/channeled by Dianne Robbins. The book and the idea of the Tree People inspired me so much that I started a painting, which turned in to a series of three paintings, representing the Tree People.

Later on, I channeled the following message to go along with the Tree People series…

Beloved Earth-human,

We want to remind you that you are not alone here on planet Earth. Indeed, you are just one of many conscious species who call Earth home! You can connect to the consciousness all around you at any time, and we strongly encourage you to do so.

Today, the Tree People send you their greetings and their love, and invite you to visit with them, for they have much to share with you.

Did you know that the Trees hold a vast library of information that you can tap in to? They span the globe, creating a cohesive network of information and consciousness. They know what is happening around the world the instant it happens because of this network, and their library contains your true history, much of which you have forgotten and even suppressed. You can access this library at any time to get information and knowledge on any subject you might wish!

The Tree People call to you to remember them. They, too, are your family and you know them very well, although perhaps you have forgotten this relationship. They are ready to assist you in consciously remembering that connection and they are eager to commune with you.

Meditate with these paintings and the Tree People (see: Tree People I: Mara, Tree People II: Treesome, Tree People III: Collective). Tune yourself to their frequency through grounding into the Earth and feeling your roots running deep into the planet, connecting into the Tree network. Feel your roots drawing nourishment from the Earth to you, and know that you are an integral part of this network.

Open your heart and mind to the Tree People and ask them what message they have for you today. Feel the love and joy that they are sending you, and their joyful excitement to have this conscious connection with you. Listen to their message and let them show you a new way of being in this Earth community as a connected, integral part of the entire conscious network.

If you can get outside and find a tree, even better! Sit with it, talk to it, feel it, listen to it. Spend time just sitting under its branches being the infinite, loving you that you are. Allow it to teach you the way of the Tree, the way of all life on Gaia.

Send your love down into the core of the Earth and from there see it radiating out through the entire Tree network, connecting you to them, heart to heart. Feel their unconditional love and immense gratitude for the role you play in this grand adventure called Life on Planet Earth.

Your Turn

Do you feel a connection to trees or the Tree People? Do you communicate with them or connect with them? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below.

And if you’d like to enjoy one (or all) of these Tree People paintings in your own home, you can purchase prints of the paintings here: Tree People I: Mara, Tree People II: Treesome, Tree People III: Collective.

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