I’m DONE with Business as Usual!

I simply cannot do business as usual anymore. No matter how hard I try, or how much I psych myself up, it feels flat and I’m to the point where I just can’t “force” it anymore.

I tried to do a launch… You know, the way I’ve been taught to do it. With a free teleseminar class, and some emails leading up to it, with an offer for those who want more…

And what happened? It felt “off”, and while I had moments of excitement about it, I couldn’t maintain it. It felt like I was forcing myself to try and make it happen. I tried pushing through the resistance, psyching myself up about it, and just doing it anyway…

And my body finally gave me a message: I got whooping cough! I couldn’t talk to teach a class, and I didn’t have the energy to continue trying to “force” myself to do it. My heart wasn’t in it, and in fact was sending me a message loud and clear that this wasn’t the path for me.

Sure, it felt exciting at times. I had a really awesome opt-in page and planned to deliver some really awesome tips to help build your list… and it would have likely been helpful for someone. But it felt forced to me, and I felt like a bit of a fraud even putting it out there – because I knew in my heart that something wasn’t quite right.

There’s a different way to do things, a new way to do things, and I can’t do business (or marketing) as usual anymore.

It just doesn’t work for me.

And I’m wondering if you might be feeling the same?

Are you getting tired of the strategies and the formulas and the templates? Are you tired of trying to market and attract clients, but just not getting the results you really want? Do you feel like there HAS to be a better way, if only you could figure it out?

That’s how I’ve been feeling. And I’m here to tell you, there IS a better way! But it’s not about a new strategy or formula, or another guru to follow who will tell you how to do it…

The world is changing, we are in the midst of a shift of epic proportions. The old ways and systems are crumbling before our eyes to make room for something new. A new paradigm, a new Earth, a new dimension. And that means… a new way of doing business and marketing! The old way just won’t work anymore, it’s crumbling with all the other old systems.

This is GOOD news! Exciting news! It means that we don’t have to continue to cling to the old ways, we don’t have to continue to try and “force” ourselves to keep doing the strategies and following the formulas and the coaching, hoping that sooner or later it’s going to work…

There is a new way, and it’s time for those of us who feel the call to say YES and step into a new paradigm, a new way of sharing our gifts and our message, a new way of connecting with our tribe.

We may still use some of the old tools and strategies, but ONLY when they are in alignment, and they’ll probably need to be revamped to fit with the new energy. Perhaps we’ll still be doing launches and writing blog posts and sending emails to our lists – but we’re being called to do it in a new way. We’re being called to speak our truth with no apologies, to follow our heart and Highest Excitement, to share our passion, our deepest desires, our heart.

THIS is what will connect you with your tribe! Not some marketing strategy or list building formula – but YOU showing up as YOU, speaking up, sharing, honoring your heart, following your passion. And when you do, those people who are the perfect match for that authentic you will be drawn to you, they will find you, they will see and hear you.

And the ONLY way they can identify you is when you are being FULLY YOU!

So I’m ditching the strategies and the formulas, and committing to following my heart and its guidance as to what to share, how to say it, and where to share it. It may not look like any kind of “marketing strategy”, and that’s okay. We’re going outside the box here, and it’s not going to look quite like anything we’ve known before…

Does that mean I’m ditching my website and deleting my email list? Nope. These are still important tools for my mission, to help me connect with my tribe (that’s you!), and I’m going to continue to use them in whatever way I am inspired to do so!

Nor does it mean that I am going to stop helping my clients with their websites and growing their email lists! But we’re going to use these tools in a way that is aligned with their truth, their soul, and what they most want to create.

Here’s the TRUTH: YOU are your own expert. YOU are the one who has the answers and knows what is best for you. YOU are your Higher Self, and YOU have access to ALL of the guidance you need when it comes to your business, your mission, your marketing. You don’t need a guru or an expert. You just need to listen and trust the guidance from within!

And as a web-marketing goddess, that is what I am committed to helping you to remember. Sure, I’ll bring my skills and know-how to the table, to help with the design and technology and the things that you don’t want to figure out on your own. But when it comes to knowing what’s right for you, what feels good to you, what is aligned with your truth – YOU are the only one who can know that. And my job is to remind you of that, to see you as the expert on you, and to be an example of what that looks like by being my own expert and listening to my own guidance.

Like I said, it’s no longer business as usual. I’m done playing that game and I’m ready for a new way that honors the divine and the wise and the all-knowing in each and every one of us. And from that place, shares that divine essence with the world to transform, heal, inspire and co-create an amazing future for ALL!

Are you with me?

If you’re done with business as usual and ready to co-create something NEW, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you and hear what you’re being called to share, do, be as we surf this epic shift of the ages…

It’s TIME for your message to be heard and your tribe to gather. The world needs what you have to offer!