I Paint with My Blood!

I started painting with my blood over a year ago…

I had already been doing blood rituals, offerings, taking my menstrual blood out to the forest and offering it to the Earth, usually at the foot of a tree that called to me, or adding it to the water for my houseplants.

Bringing it in to my artwork was the next level, and there is something very powerful in using my blood in this way, in artwork that will be seen, witnessed, by others.

It’s highly personal… my menstrual blood and the rituals and magic I experience around it. And it’s also part of the unique medicine I am here to bring as I BE ME in the world. It’s part of my magic, and it’s not meant to be secret, hidden away.

It’s meant to be shared, intentionally in ways that are beneficial for me and those it is shared with.

Like in sacred artwork that will bring healing and inspiration, to myself and my tribe…

So I’ve been using my blood in my art, and have 11 paintings so far that contain my blood. Each painting is unique, its own entity, with its own message to share with me (and with you, if you want to hear it). And yet through them all runs this thread of my lifeblood. It is raw and intimate and vulnerable.

The next level for me now is to share these blood paintings I’ve been creating. To share their message and activation with those who are ready, those who feel drawn to these particular paintings. And so I am here to share this painting collection with you, to get personal and share this aspect of my life and to remind you of the power of woman’s blood, the lifeblood of the divine feminine…

Introducing the Blood Mysteries Collection of paintings!

This painting Collection is a reflection of my own exploration, and each painting has a message to share about the Blood Mysteries.

Here is a sneak peek at the paintings so far in the Blood Mysteries Collection:

Over the coming weeks, I will be introducing each painting individually, sharing their stories and messages. If you would like to follow along, make sure you sign up for the Messy Jesse Studio ezine on the upper right of this page. Subscribers get to see new paintings as they are released.

I am excited to share this aspect of my art with you, and eager to hear what the paintings have to share for myself! It is going to be a fun adventure dialoguing with them and sharing them with you as we explore deeper into the Blood Mysteries.