{Marketing Magic} Does Your Website Need an Upgrade?

Does Your Website Need an Upgrade? How to Know.

There is an art to designing and maintaining a website that is a pure reflection of you, and that grows with you as you and your business evolve and change. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and it’s not static and fixed in place, because you aren’t static.

Your website wants to be a reflection of you, and as you change and evolve, it needs to keep pace.

This does NOT mean that you need a website re-design or overhaul every few months. It DOES mean that you need to pay attention to how your website feels to you, how useful it is for the work you are currently doing, and whether or not it is still serving your tribe in the best way it can. If ANY of these feel off or confusing, then it probably means that your website isn’t fully in alignment with you and it’s time to bring it up to speed.

Don’t get me wrong – your website doesn’t need to be “perfect”. It’s not about making sure everything is just so. Sometimes it might even be a mess, and you might need to just be with that mess, love it just as it is, and find the masterpiece within it. Find the next version, the next step, the next “thing” that will move it toward what you really want it to be. And take that step, and the next, and the next, so your website keeps evolving along with you.

This is exactly what I help my clients with – bringing their website up to speed and helping them with ongoing maintenance and marketing, so their website can keep pace and fully support the work they are doing in the world. We start right where they are at, mess and all, and go from there to create a website and online marketing that is in alignment with their essence and helps them connect to their soul-tribe.

Here’s the thing: it’s important that your website feels good to you, that it does what you need it to do, and that it helps you connect with and serve your clients. If it starts to feel “off”, and you hesitate to send people to it – that’s not serving you OR your people. If it feels “clunky” and the content is disorganized, or you don’t know exactly where to put new content, then it’s actually costing you money, time, peace of mind, and more.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

If your website is feeling “off” and holding you back from getting on with sharing your message, then it’s time for an upgrade and I would love to support you in bringing your website up to speed with who you are now. If you would like to chat about how I can help you with your website and marketing, click here to learn more and schedule a Marketing Magic Review with me.

I asked one of my clients to share a bit about her experience, and how she knew she needed an upgrade and some support with her website. Here’s what she had to say…

Interview with Felicia D’Haiti

We created Felicia’s new site a few years ago, and it served her very well for quite a while, but eventually came to a point where it was time for an upgrade…

What are the signs that your website needs an upgrade?

It’s been a few years since my website was re-designed. When I look at it, it feels like it doesn’t fit me or my business any longer. It makes me feel restless, like things are missing and don’t fully represent me. The site seemed cluttered because I was no longer sure about where to put new information and how to grow the site to provide clear and easy pathways for visitors to find the content. Looking at the site made me feel stuck and trapped.

Why is NOW the time to upgrade and uplevel your online marketing?

Now is the perfect time to upgrade and uplevel my online marketing because I am making huge shifts in my own life and in my business. I need the site to shift along with me, to represent expansiveness, change, and growth. I need to feel like the site still represents me and my offerings as I change. I am also looking to step out more boldly into the world with my writings and offerings. I’m in a very different place than I was even one year ago.

Why get support with this, why not just do it yourself?

Just like with feng shui and coaching, when you are in the middle of something, it’s difficult to see the big picture. It’s amazing when someone else can more objectively look at your site and your marketing and see things that are no longer visible to you because those things fade into the background. It’s even better when you know you are working with an expert in designing websites and in marketing, and she knows so much more than you about the best ways to approach everything!

What challenges are you ready to shift in your marketing?

I find that one of the biggest challenges I have in marketing is planning out things in advance and managing long term marketing projects. Because I’m busy and sometimes overwhelmed with all the little pieces, I need a system in place to make it easy for me to market my business offerings, content and courses. I need an easy to manage system that I can pick up and run with.

What are you excited to create over the next six months?

I’m excited to create a dynamic site that is expandable in the future but that represents who I am and what I’m offering. I’m excited to create a system of posting and marketing that fits my personality and is easy to manage moving forward. I want people who view my materials to clearly understand what I’m about and if they would like to work with me while also providing valuable information for them on the site.

Felicia and I have been working together to bring her website up to speed with where she’s at now, and get a regular marketing flow in place that works for her and keeps her in touch with her community. Her website didn’t need a design overhaul, just some adjustments to get the content current and add some new things she was offering, and some support to keep the regular marketing going consistently.

You can visit Felicia’s website and check out what she’s up to here.

So Your Website Needs an Upgrade…. Now What?!

If your website DOES need an upgrade, I’ve got some good news for you… You don’t have to figure it out and muddle through it on your own! Hurray!

Forget getting overwhelmed with online technology and frustrated with how to do what you really want for your website… When you have a web goddess on your team, she makes that stuff seem like a breeze and takes it right off your plate!

Here’s what Felicia had to say about having me as her web goddess:

My favorite part about working with Jesse is seeing my ideas come to life in a version better than I could’ve ever imagined! She has a talent for putting images and words together to help make the site have a wonderful and inviting energy without being overwhelming and too busy.

Whether you need an upgrade or a brand new website, I’m here to help you create an online presence that is a pure transmission of you to your people. Click here to learn more and book a Marketing Magic Review with me.

Your Turn

Can you relate to what Felicia shared? Do you feel the same about your website, and know that it’s time for an upgrade or some tweaks to get it up to speed with who you are now? If this sounds like you, and you’d like to explore getting my support to upgrade your website, click here to learn more and book a Marketing Magic Review with me.