Cosmic Family Reunion

My own cosmic family and cosmic team hang out with me here in the Messy Jesse Studio, and are a big part of what I do and how I do it! We are creating more things here in the studio to inspire and encourage you in your own cosmic explorations, and you can browse what we have to offer below.

I will add more to this page as we go, and my intention is to make this an extensive resource for those of you who are interested in this topic. To share not just my own gifts, art and offers, but other people and resources as well to inspire and assist you in your own cosmic family reunion.

I have just begun offering Cosmic Family Portraits and Galactic Heritage Readings again. If you would love an intuitive message or piece of art to assist you in your cosmic connections, you can learn more about these below.

Save 50% off when you are one of the first 10 to order one of these readings or portraits! Use coupon code COSMIC when you checkout. Coupon only good for the first 10 purchases.