Your Power is Here, NOW!

Jesse Webb

Dearly Beloved, do you have any idea, any inkling, how loved you are? Do you have any idea how powerful a Creator you are?

You go through your day to day “life” pretending that you are powerless, that things happen to you, or even that you are a victim of circumstance or other people…

When all along, you are an infinite, powerful Creator who is orchestrating and attracting everything in your experience!

It is all you. It is all responding to the vibration that you are putting out. It is all a perfect match to what you are thinking, believing and feeling.

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My Love Affair with a Planet

Jesse feet in the mud

I have to admit, I am madly in love with this planet I call home. Gaia. Earth. She takes my breath away and connecting to her feels like a warm, intimate embrace. I love to be barefoot on the Earth, skin to skin with this mother of mine, flesh of my flesh. Feeling her heartbeat, her pulse, the life flowing within her and within all who call her home.

She feels good to me. She welcomes me. She loves me. She cares for me, provides what I need to nourish myself and to live in harmony with her.

I have a relationship with her, communicate with her, and recognize her as a conscious being just as I am. Her body may look different than mine, but the same consciousness within her is within me.

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Done is Better Than Perfect

I’m in the midst of rebuilding my own websites. After my big move this summer, I accidentally deleted my previous websites except for a few old backups, and took it as a sign that it was time for something new, something fresh.

So I’m rebuilding. Re-using the pieces that are really good and still in alignment, and creating something new, a new evolution of my business. Continue reading “Done is Better Than Perfect”

I’m DONE with Business as Usual!

I simply cannot do business as usual anymore. No matter how hard I try, or how much I psych myself up, it feels flat and I’m to the point where I just can’t “force” it anymore.

I tried to do a launch… You know, the way I’ve been taught to do it. With a free teleseminar class, and some emails leading up to it, with an offer for those who want more…

And what happened? It felt “off”, and while I had moments of excitement about it, I couldn’t maintain it. It felt like I was forcing myself to try and make it happen. I tried pushing through the resistance, psyching myself up about it, and just doing it anyway… Continue reading “I’m DONE with Business as Usual!”