{Blood Mysteries} I AM a Generator of Abundance!

Blood Mysteries I: I AM a Generator of Abundance!

This painting was created as a Soul Art Journey (in Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Certification program) to explore how to bring my art and money together, to create abundance in my life. The journey started with a symbol I drew during a guided process by Laura, and it evolved from there, eventually becoming the first painting in the Blood Mysteries Collection.

This painting has a lot to share about how to generate abundance. It showed me the link between my sexuality, my womb, and my relationship with money. There is a connection and when I heal one, I heal the other. This connection between my womb, my blood, my sexuality, is a theme that comes up a few times in the Blood Mysteries Collection and it’s fascinating to talk with these paintings and hear what they have to share about it all. Continue reading “{Blood Mysteries} I AM a Generator of Abundance!”

{Blood Mysteries} I Paint with My Blood!

I Paint with My Blood! Introducing the Blood Mysteries Collection

I started painting with my blood over a year ago…

I had already been doing blood rituals, offerings, taking my menstrual blood out to the forest and offering it to the Earth, usually at the foot of a tree that called to me, or adding it to the water for my houseplants.

Bringing it in to my artwork was the next level, and there is something very powerful in using my blood in this way, in artwork that will be seen, witnessed, by others. Continue reading “{Blood Mysteries} I Paint with My Blood!”