Painting of the Week: Multidimensional Me

Multidimensional Me by Jesse Webb

This is “Multidimensional Me”, painted in the fall of 2014. She speaks to me of my own multidimensional nature, and all the parts that make up me. Light and dark. Existing in every dimension. So many aspects and versions yet all me.

The energy flow between these parts and aspects of me reminds me that all is connected, all is part of the whole. There is a flow, an exchange, of energy and information between the parts, connecting them all together, working together. Giving and receiving. Creating one harmonious integrated being.

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Painting of the Week: Guardian of Gaia

Guardian of Gaia by Jesse Webb

“Guardian of Gaia” was painted in 2013, one of the early paintings that flowed out of me when I began painting that year. This one felt like she painted herself, it was easy and the finished painting blew me away.

This painting represents the love and care that I feel toward Gaia, this planet I call home. I feel a connection to her, and know that part of my work here is to love her, to use the power of my intention to care for her and to work alongside her to create Heaven here on Earth for all beings who call her home.

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Painting of the Week: Inner Alien

Inner Alien by Jesse Webb

“Inner Alien” was painted in the fall of 2013, at the time of what I call my cosmic family reunion when I was remembering my galactic connections and beginning to consciously connect with my galactic family. It was a way to play with the fear that would come up for me as I was exploring the idea of connecting to beings one might consider “alien”.

This painting and her message gave me a way to work with that fear, to learn from it, to hear its message and remember to do that inner work of loving myself, all the parts and pieces, even if they feel “alien”.

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Painting of the Week: Rising

Rising by Jesse Webb

This is one of the very first paintings I did when I started painting in 2013. It was inspired by a talk and meditation by Bashar about rising up out of the darkness of forgetfulness into the light of remembering who I really am. This painting practically painted herself. It flowed out of me so easily and effortlessly and was truly a delight to see how she turned out!

This painting feels like a representation of how I was feeling at the time, as I was discovering new things about myself and the nature of reality, truly remembering who I really am. It felt like rising out of the darkness into this beautiful light that IS ME.

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I Buried My Baby This Week

I buried my baby this week…

I planted the seed of my dearest dream in the rich soil of this land I call home.

She was with me for such a short time, not nearly long enough for my heart that longs to hold her close in my arms. 12 weeks in utero; just long enough to start to feel like I was really pregnant. Then she had to go. Continue reading “I Buried My Baby This Week”

{Blood Mysteries} I AM a Generator of Abundance!

Blood Mysteries I: I AM a Generator of Abundance!

This painting was created as a Soul Art Journey (in Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Certification program) to explore how to bring my art and money together, to create abundance in my life. The journey started with a symbol I drew during a guided process by Laura, and it evolved from there, eventually becoming the first painting in the Blood Mysteries Collection.

This painting has a lot to share about how to generate abundance. It showed me the link between my sexuality, my womb, and my relationship with money. There is a connection and when I heal one, I heal the other. This connection between my womb, my blood, my sexuality, is a theme that comes up a few times in the Blood Mysteries Collection and it’s fascinating to talk with these paintings and hear what they have to share about it all. Continue reading “{Blood Mysteries} I AM a Generator of Abundance!”

{Blood Mysteries} I Paint with My Blood!

I Paint with My Blood! Introducing the Blood Mysteries Collection

I started painting with my blood over a year ago…

I had already been doing blood rituals, offerings, taking my menstrual blood out to the forest and offering it to the Earth, usually at the foot of a tree that called to me, or adding it to the water for my houseplants.

Bringing it in to my artwork was the next level, and there is something very powerful in using my blood in this way, in artwork that will be seen, witnessed, by others. Continue reading “{Blood Mysteries} I Paint with My Blood!”

{Behind the Painting} Meet the Tree People

Tree People I, Mara by Jesse WebbThe Tree People painting series was inspired by “Tree Talk“, written/channeled by Dianne Robbins. The book and the idea of the Tree People inspired me so much that I started a painting, which turned in to a series of three paintings, representing the Tree People.

Later on, I channeled the following message to go along with the Tree People series… Continue reading “{Behind the Painting} Meet the Tree People”

{Behind the Painting} Messy Jesse & Galactic Tribe

Galactic Tribe by Jesse WebbIn May 2015, I experienced my first-ever Soul Art Journey with Laura Hollick for International Soul Art Day. It was an amazing experience, certainly a highlight on my art journey and an activation of a new level in my art.

That experience also inspired the name I chose for this website, “Messy Jesse”. I think of this as the name of my studio, whether that’s my online studio (website) or my physical location. “Messy Jesse Studio” is where I create and share my artwork in whatever way feels fun, playful and inspiring to me. Continue reading “{Behind the Painting} Messy Jesse & Galactic Tribe”