Behind the Painting: Love Your Inner Alien

Inner Alien by Jesse WebbMy Inner Alien shows her face and I feel frightened… repulsed… unnerved…

Then she grows on me, as I become more familiar with my own Alienness. Remembering that this is who I AM, becoming re-acquainted with those pieces of myself that I’d blocked off… shunned… ignored… alienated…

Falling in love with the Alien in me, I realize that the Alien “out there” is no different, is just as much as part of me as these Alien pieces of myself. Continue reading “Behind the Painting: Love Your Inner Alien”

Behind the Painting: Meet the Tree People

Tree People I, Mara by Jesse WebbThe Tree People painting series was inspired by “Tree Talk“, written/channeled by Dianne Robbins. The book and the idea of the Tree People inspired me so much that I started a painting, which turned in to a series of three paintings, representing the Tree People.

Later on, I channeled the following message to go along with the Tree People series… Continue reading “Behind the Painting: Meet the Tree People”

Soul Art Journey: Messy Jesse & Galactic Tribe

Galactic Tribe by Jesse WebbIn May 2015, I experienced my first-ever Soul Art Journey with Laura Hollick for International Soul Art Day. It was an amazing experience, certainly a highlight on my art journey and an activation of a new level in my art.

That experience also inspired the name I chose for this website, “Messy Jesse”. I think of this as the name of my studio, whether that’s my online studio (website) or my physical location. “Messy Jesse Studio” is where I create and share my artwork in whatever way feels fun, playful and inspiring to me. Continue reading “Soul Art Journey: Messy Jesse & Galactic Tribe”

Soul Art Journey: Connect with My Tribe

Soul Tribe Magic by Jesse WebbThis Soul Art Journey really blew me away with its insight and the message it had for me. It continues to speak to me about how to connect with my tribe, and it’s a message that needs to be heard by more than just myself. So enjoy this painting and what she has to share with you about connecting with your tribe! Continue reading “Soul Art Journey: Connect with My Tribe”

Soul Art Journey: Fully Express My Highest Excitement & Truth

Fully Express ME by Jesse WebbI recently completed a Soul Art Journey that I want to share with you. This Soul Art piece was one of my assignments for the Body Mapping level in Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Certification program and as I was dialoguing with her after creating her, I kept feeling like she wants to share her message with more than just me.

So here I am to relay her message to you. Continue reading “Soul Art Journey: Fully Express My Highest Excitement & Truth”