Art Gallery

When I started painting in the summer of 2013, I had no idea where it would go or what I would create. I just knew I had this desire and excitement to paint. So I did... and I'm still painting almost 5 years later!

Jesse Webb painting at International Soul Art Day 2015
Photo by Kevin Thom at International Soul Art Day 2015

I've painted my way from Windsor, Ontario to Hazelton, British Columbia - from bedrooms to backyards to farmers' markets to parks. My style has changed and shifted over the years, but I always seem to play with lots of bright colors and am no stranger to glitter. 😉

I love to use my hands (and other parts of my body) as my paintbrush, and incorporate various objects and mediums into my artwork as I feel inspired. Feathers, birchbark, pieces of wood, and many other odds and ends have found their way into my paintings and there is something so delightful about this mixed media process to me.

I have also been exploring using my menstrual blood in my paintings, and have recently introduced the Blood Mysteries Collection of paintings. This collection includes all of the paintings that incorporate my blood, and is a reflection of my own journey with my blood. You can learn more about the Blood Mysteries Collection here.

There is a strong cosmic / galactic theme throughout my art that has been there from the beginning. I started painting around the same time that I began consciously connecting to my Galactic family, and to this day they continue to show up in my artwork with their ships and symbols and rainbows of colors. Art has been a fun and powerful tool for me to connect and communicate with my nonphysical friends and family, and I will soon be sharing a painting collection with a Galactic Family theme.

Below, you can browse the artwork that is available to purchase as prints. These include pieces that date from the very beginning of my painting journey up until very recently, so you can see the variety and evolution over the years. (And for those of you who've been around since the beginning, you'll probably see some familiar ones in here!)

If you would like to see what I'm currently creating in the Studio, head on over to the Blog for the latest.