{Marketing Magic} 7 Things a Web Goddess can take OFF Your To-Do List

7 Things a Web Goddess can take OFF Your To-Do List

Online marketing, and the technology that comes along with it, can be overwhelming and frustrating, to say the least. Especially if you really aren’t a “techy” person. It may leave you totally flummoxed as to how to do what you need to do, or you may “get” it (for the most part) but find it exhausting and time-consuming getting it all done.

If you find yourself often frustrated with the online tools you use to run your business, and wishing for a magic wand to wave and make it all work, then it might be time to hire a Web Goddess to take those pesky tasks off your plate. Having a web goddess on your team means that you no longer have to do it ALL yourself, you can pass on those tasks that just aren’t your forte to someone who can handle it with ease.

My clients often say I make it seem easy, or that I can do something in a short amount of time that would take them hours. That’s because it often is easy for me. I’ve been playing with online technology and websites for nearly 20 years and I have a knack for it. It does come easy to me (for the most part), I understand that world, which means that I can take care of it no problem, while freeing you up to focus more on what you are good at, what comes easy to you.

So just for fun, I did up a list of 7 things that a Web Goddess can take right off your to-do list for you, freeing you up to get on with creating, sharing, connecting and serving your customers.

#1: Send that email to your list

You know, the one you’ve been putting off because you get so frustrated with MailChimp (or whatever email service you use) and feel like it takes so much time and energy, and surely there are other things more important than sending that email anyway… and so it gets pushed down the list. You know it’s important, and eventually you get it done, but it feels like an energy drain. You know you’re not being consistent enough with your marketing, and trying to get it all done on your own is feeling overwhelming…

Your web goddess will happily take this task right off your list! It might look like magic, because she’ll put that email together, check with you for edits and tweaks, and have it scheduled and ready to go in no time – when it would have taken you HOURS. This frees you up to focus on writing more content, working with clients, creating art, or whatever else it is that you do when you’re not tearing your hair out over online technology.

BONUS: your web goddess can even do this for you on a regular basis and help you create that steady, consistent marketing flow that you know is important for your business! She can help you lay out a plan or outline so you know where you’re going and what you need to get there – and then help you execute that plan.

#2: Publish that new article on your blog

You probably love talking about your particular passion or area of expertise, and turning that knowledge & passion into articles or videos or teleclasses isn’t so hard for you – but then what do you do with it?! You know it should probably go on your website, and maybe send an email to your list, and probably post it on social media… and you get a little overwhelmed or feel like you don’t have the time to get it published and shared properly.

What if all you had to do was send that piece of content to your web goddess, and she did the rest for you? She would turn that content into a blog, an email to your list, posts on social media – and just like magic, your marketing flow would be in motion getting your message out into the world.

BONUS: your web goddess can also create a branded graphic or image to go with your content, and format everything so it is easy on the eyes, and easy for your audience to connect with. She won’t just publish that content, she’ll turn it into a work of art that is a beautiful reflection of you and what you have to offer.

#3: Setup an e-shop to sell that product on your website

Do you have products that you would like to sell on your website, but aren’t sure even how to get started? You know people would LOVE to have that thing you make, but you have no idea how to set up those Buy Now buttons or link your website to Paypal to collect payments. And so your eshop remains a dream, and your people don’t get to experience that thing you know they will love.

Your web goddess comes to the rescue with this one as well! She can easily set up an eshop on your website, link it to Paypal, and even design custom Buy Now buttons that match your branding so everything looks beautiful and works smoothly. She’ll upload product photos, sort out details and make sure everything gets into the eshop system in the proper way, and works properly on the website.

BONUS: your web goddess can even help you create digital products! She can take that content you already have, or new content you are creating, and turn it into an ebook, online course or other virtual or downloadable products that you can offer for sale in your eshop. If you have a lot of content already created in the form of articles, classes, videos and so on, you may be sitting on a gold mine that could be turned into beautiful digital goodies that your people would LOVE.

#4: Create an autoresponder series for your subscribers

You know that building a relationship with your email subscribers is important, and that automated emails can be a good way to do this, while delivering some awesome content right to their inboxes. But actually getting those emails set up and automated the way you want them to work takes time, and you keep putting it off saying you’ll get to it one day soon.

Instead of waiting for one day, you could give this task to your web goddess and have her set up those autoresponders for you! She could create the emails, make sure they look just the way you want, and set up & test the automation to make sure it’s all working the way you want. Before you know it, you have an automated email series that your subscribers will start receiving as soon as they sign up to your list. Those emails will keep working for you, whether you are awake or asleep, working or playing, welcoming new people to your community and giving them an experience with you and your work.

BONUS: your web goddess can also create a signup page, or signup box, on your website for people to subscribe to get this new email series! This will let people know it’s available and help grow your list by sharing great content right to their inboxes. You could also create and offer ecourses using these automated emails.

#5: Edit & upload that video for your website

So you recorded a great video for your About page, or a client sent you a beautiful testimonial video. You know it’s good shit and you want to put it on your website for others to enjoy, but you feel like it needs to be edited a bit and you get overwhelmed with how to do that and where to upload it, and how to make it visible on your website.

Enter, your web goddess! You send her the video (she gives you instructions on how to do so if you’re not sure) and she takes care of editing it and making sure it gets uploaded to the right place. She’ll also put it up on your website where it can be enjoyed by all who wish to view it.

BONUS: your web goddess can also help you setup your YouTube channel and create a custom banner for it that matches the rest of your brand. She can link up your website so your visitors can find you and subscribe on YouTube, and your YouTube subscribers can easily find your website if they want to learn more.

#6: Figure out WHY your website is doing that thing

It was working fine yesterday, or last week, but now it’s doing that “thing”, or NOT doing what it should be doing. You don’t know what happened, you are afraid maybe you broke something. All you know is something is wonky and you have no idea where to even begin looking to determine what went wrong and how to fix it.

Thank goodness you have a web goddess on your team! You tell her about the wonkiness and she puts on her detective hat and goes looking to find the problem and fix it. In practically no time, your website is back to running just the way you want it to. Problem solved, you can get on with doing your work and sharing your message, knowing that your website is there doing its thing to support you.

BONUS: your web goddess can also help set up some important preventative measures to minimize potential problems! Things like automated backups, malware protection, checking for broken links, and other good-practice website maintenance will help keep your website running smoothly without too many hiccups.

#7: Change your photo in your website banner

You’re super excited about those new photos you had done for your website! You feel like these ones really capture who you are and reflect the energy you want potential clients to feel when they see you on your website. They feel soooooo much better than that old one you’ve been using in the meantime and you can’t wait to switch them out and see the new one up there!

But how the heck do you go about doing that? How do you edit that banner image to take out the old one and put in the new one, and re-upload it to the website? You give this task to your web goddess, of course! She takes care of all of the graphic updates and gets the new versions uploaded to your website, social media profiles and anywhere else that your photo needs updated. When she’s done, your entire online brand has a new shiny face and you feel great about how you are represented online.

BONUS: your web goddess can also make other tweaks and edits to your website banner or other graphics! If you change your tagline or name, or want a whole new facelift with new colors, or just want to change the font type, she can do it and make sure that the changes are consistent across ALL your online branding.

These are just a few of the many things that a web goddess can take off your to-do list, freeing you up to focus on what you love and do best. If online technology and marketing isn’t your thing, hiring a web goddess can be an excellent investment to help you create an irresistible online presence without burning yourself out or making yourself crazy.

Ready to hire your own Web Goddess?

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Your Turn

These are just some of the things a web goddess can help you with. What other things come to mind that you would LOVE to pass off to your web goddess to do for you? Dream big! Anything is possible. I’d love to hear your ideas and what comes up for you! Share in the comments below.