What if… There is no “Wrong” Way to Do Life?!

What if… you actually couldn’t get it “wrong” – anything that seemed “wrong” or “messy” was actually divinely perfect and exactly what your soul needed to evolve and grow?

The truth is, there is no “wrong” way to do you and your life! You can’t get it wrong, and the only “right” way is your way, the way that feels best to you. The way that resonates with you. The way of your truth, your knowing.

And guess what? No one else can tell you which way is your way. No one else knows what is right for you, only you can discover that for yourself. And you literally can’t get it wrong!

Even those things we may judge as a mess or wrong or somehow less than and fallen short, even those things are exactly what your soul needs to heal, evolve and grow. The more you learn to love the mess unconditionally, just the way it is and just the way it isn’t, the more you will find the treasures that the mess holds for you.

Practicing intuitive art has taught me that there truly is no “right” way to do it – the only “right” way is your way, and even the biggest MESS can turn into a beautiful MASTERPIECE. When you surrender and go with the flow of you, you can’t get it wrong because there is no “wrong” way to be you.

Many of us feel like we are a mess, or our lives are a mess, or things just haven’t turned out the way we expected or planned. There’s this feeling that somehow I am not enough just as I am. That I am a mess and “should” be some other way other than I am.

The TRUTH is, I am perfect just the way I am – messes and all! And so are you. It doesn’t matter how your experience looks to anyone else, because it can’t be measured by anyone else’s standards. It is your experience, and you get to decide what it means for you. Learning to love yourself just as you are, especially when you feel like a mess, is the key to a happy life that inspires others and makes the world a better place.

Here at the Messy Jesse Studio there is no “wrong” way to do art – or life! My own journey has been about learning to love my “mess” and redefining it as something positive, a gift and an opportunity to create in my own unique way. Art has taught me that what I initially judge as a “mess” may actually turn out to be a masterpiece, and learning to love the mess unconditionally, just the way it is, opens space for it to become all that it can be.

So messes and imperfection are welcome here, and the only “right” way is your way, as messy as it might be… You are invited to just be YOU in this space and to use the artwork and other tools and resources here to enrich your life & self-exploration in whatever way is perfect for you.

Let’s love our messes like they are masterpieces in disguise!
(Because really, they are!)